Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Small Fat Chili, Ready to be Picked!

Photo by Aashi

       At home, my family and I have a little garden, and one of the plants that we grow there is a green chili plant. Today, when my dad and my little sister, Aarna, went to see if any chilies were ripe in the garden, they spotted a small fat chili, ready to be picked! Usually, the chilies that our plant produces are long and skinny. My dad and my sister plucked the chili and brought it into the house. My mom and I were amazed to see such an odd and abnormal chili! We washed it and used it in our dinner. Even though I was sad to see it go, it did taste pretty good!

Do you have a family garden? If so, what do you grow there?

Have you ever seen an abnormally large fruit or vegetable?


Monday, July 21, 2014

Pretty as a Peacock

Picture by Aashi


As I have mentioned in my Welcome Post, almost all of my extended family lives in India. This year, my family and I got packing because we were going from America, to India for a vacation!

India's national bird is the peacock, so you are very likely to see at least one if you go there. In the photo above, I was able to quickly capture a picture of this peacock. Peacocks can be called peafowls or peahens. "Peacock" refers to the male bird, but most people call males and females a peacock. Male peafowls' feathers are are very vibrant, but female peacocks' feathers are a little dull. Long feathers grow from only the male peahen's back called a train.

 The Indian peafowl is the most common. An abundance can be found around India and Sri Lanka in the rainy season, Monsoon.

First when we were about to take a picture of this peacock, it was dancing in circles with its feathers fanned in my grandmother's garden. As soon as my mother went to get a phone to take a photo of it, it quickly closed its fan and stumbled on to the roof! After I took a picture of this peahen on the roof, I examined its feathers. The feathers looked very artificial and fancy! I am looking forward to seeing a peacock with its feathers fanned once again in India.


Have you ever seen a peacock? If so, where?
Do you have any other facts about a peacock?

Do you know about any other types of birds?

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Today in class, Mrs. Yollis gave us a manifold of choices for grammar. I decided to do a blog post on adverbs. Like Mrs. Yollis says, an adverb adds to a verb.

Most adverbs end in ly. Here are a few example sentences that I made up:

*Aarna dressed up neatly in her crib, for she had to go to Babies R Us to buy a few items.

* Aarna walked quietly, but quickly to the wonderful store for babies.

* The two year old toddler astutely picked out the baby foods she needed.

* Baby Aarna promptly paid the clerk the amount of the items she had bought, she wanted to get home and go to bed since she was tired.

*When Aarna got home, she lazily got into her crib and fell fast asleep.

A few adverbs can be a little irregular. Here are some examples of them:

*Tomorrow was the last day of school.  When is the last day of school? Tomorrow.

*I always wake up late on weekends.    When do I wake up late on weekends? Always.

*The mouse scampered away when I tried to catch it. Where did the mouse run? Away.

If you want to learn more about adverbs, go to my classmate, Keira's post on adverbs.

What is another way to remember an adverb?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mesmerising Magnets

Photo by Aashi's mom

My family and I love to travel to countries all over the world. We always like to bring back a memento in the form of a magnet from the places we travel. These magnets are a collection that I treasure because whenever I look at them, it makes me recollect the fond memories of the pleasant time that we spent there. A lot of these magnets were picked by me, so I do remember buying them with my parents. Most of the magnets that my family and I possess are from countries in Europe. Some of these magnets were bought by my parents when I wasn't even born! I am even more interested in those magnets since I haven't been to those places. While I was writing this post, when a thought suddenly struck me,"Why do I not have a magnet from India? That is the country that I've traveled most to!" I asked my mother that question, and she told me that she was wondering the same thing too! Anyway, in my magnet collection, I sometimes have more than one magnet from a country. Usually, my family and I would've bought them from different cities in that country. Two magnets that I favor are the plate from Pisa, Italy and the spoon from Rome, Italy. I cherish them because they both make a very delicious pair.  I do wish to travel  to the countries Spain and Australia. My family and I will always travel and add on to our collection of magnets that we as a family love.

What countries or cities have you traveled to?

What countries or cities do you want to travel to?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Welcome to Aashi's Amazing Album!

Photo by Aashi's mom

My name is Aashi, and I am a third grader in Mrs. Yollis' class. I am so excited to start learning through blogging with you! I welcome everyone to my blog, and I look forward to everyone's participation in sharing knowledge, facts, thoughts, and opinions. I remember my granddad  once told me  "Knowledge when divided (shared) gets multiplied".

 I am a fun-loving person and  my hobbies are singing, dancing, and reading. Lately, my favorite book series are The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner and American Girl by a multitude of authors. My favorite American Girl authors are: Laurence Yep, Valerie Tripp, Megan McDonald, and Kathleen Ernst. I like to read the genres historical fiction and realistic fiction. I usually like to sing along when my favorite songs play at home or in the car. When I'm in a playful mood, I'd usually turn on some songs on my mother's phone and dance to the music. I love to choreograph  dance steps on my own and also with my friends, and I sometimes teach my two-year-old sister dance steps to her favorite songs. I take classes on an Indian classical dance called Kathak. Kathak is one of my favorite dance types, and I do practice Kathak during my free time.

Photo by Aashi

This is my two year old baby sister, Aarna! She is a very sweet, curious, and sometimes naughty baby. Aarna  is very adorable, but sometimes gets a little annoying. Aarna can talk on and on, and to me it feels like forever. My little sister is very helpful to me most of the time. She often acts funny and silly to gain my attention and  tries to act  like me and my mom. Aarna  tries to imitate me as if she is my age. When someone gives her something, she tries her best to divide it between both of us. Many people like to play or talk to Aarna, and I think she's getting very famous.  : P  

Photo courtesy by Google

Most of my family is born in India, and a lot of my extended family including my grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins are spread around different cities of India. Everyone in my family speaks or understands India's national language, Hindi. I visit India almost every year, and I have a lot of fun with my family there. The one way flight trip to India normally takes almost a full day and few hours from here, and so I am always both anxious and excited to travel to India. India has many glorious cities and landmarks to visit. During my last few trips that I remember, I went sightseeing, had a blast at many weddings and wore traditional Indian attires, and visited my cousin's friends.When I go to my grandparent's house and take early morning walks with my grandma, we normally see a lot of peacocks wandering here and there in the gardens. The peacock is the national bird of India.

What are your hobbies?

Do you have family in a different country? 

I hope you enjoy Aashi's Amazing Album!